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    My google calendar has been syncing fine with my webos device up till now. My friends added a couple of shared calendar and they show up fine in my google calendar. Unfortunately, the events in these shared calenders don't show up on my Palm Pre. Anyone have an idea why they don't show up and how I can make them show up?
    Rishi O.
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    I am having the same trouble with my phone and my wife's phones. Specifically, events that I entered did not show up on her phone. I'm not sure if it worked the other way around because, honestly, she never enters We each have a Google Calendar, and they were sync'ing fine up until sometime between Monday and yesterday. Last night I went through all the settings. Everything seemed fine. I re-shared the accounts. Didn't help. I would note that after I re-synced the accounts, my entries did appear on her Calendar on the Web (laptop), but they still did not appear on her phone. I also tried deleting and re-adding my Google account to my wife's phone. It did not help.

    Now for the strange part. I only have one Google account under my name. When I go to Preferences and Accounts on my phone, only one account for me is listed. BUT - when I click on View Calendar Options, it lists my Google account in two separate places! And now, for some reason, her account is listed here twice as well. It's as if I could choose two different colors for the same account. And I can't seem to change them or get rid of one.

    The last thing I did seemed to work, but I don't know why. I went to today's Calendar page. I tapped on All on the upper right. Just like with the Calendar View Options, I had the option of viewing my one Calendar account in two separate areas. So, I picked an entry that was not showing up on my wife's phone, and I switched it from the one listing it was marked under to the other listing. Somehow now, it showed up on my wife's phone!

    The problem: Am I going to have to manually switch every entry made in my calendar, at least all recent entries.

    More importantly, why is my ONE Google account listed TWICE under Calendar View Options and All??? And how do I fix it?

    I just checked. Each of our accounts now show up twice in Amy's phone under Calendar View Options and All, again even though we each only have one account.
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    happened to me and the wife, so I removed the Google account, rebooted, then added the Google calendar again. All has been well since then.
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    there has been a bug with shared calendars not updating properly for quite a while now. i have my calendar, plus 3 additional calendars that others in my family shares with me. when they update/add/edit their calendar entries, those updates sometimes will make it to my phone and sometimes not. i'm hoping this gets fixed soon because it sort of defeats the purpose of having shared calendars in the first place.
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    Okay, last night I figured out why both my wife's phone and my phone had our accounts appearing twice. When I was trying to figure out why events were not sharing, I went to her Google calendar on the laptop and added mine, and I went to my calendar and added her. On the computer this allows you to see someone else's events. BUT that's not how sharing works on the Pre. On the Pre you add an account to your Calendar and you can see someone's Google calendar without being added to their Google calendar. So basically I was viewing her account with my account added AND my account with her account added.

    NOW for the bad part. I tried to figure out which calendar had all my events stored on it. Then I un-shared our calendars from each other on the laptop. When I went back to the Pre a bit later, most of my entries had disappeared. This morning I checked on the calendar on the website on a desktop. The entries are still there, but they're not going to my phone. My guess is that somehow, the Pre thinks the account on there is different than the account I view on the desktop, EVEN THOUGH IT'S THE SAME D*MN ACCOUNT!!!

    SO - I am going to try deleting the account on my Pre and then re-adding it again. But before I do so, I'm saving every calendar page on the desktop to my flash drive. That way, if I lose everything, I can at least re-enter it without forgetting important events.

    As an aside, does anyone know how to back up a Google calendar that you are accessing on a desktop/laptop, independent of the Pre? I searched the settings but didn't see any option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dtarvin View Post
    As an aside, does anyone know how to back up a Google calendar that you are accessing on a desktop/laptop, independent of the Pre? I searched the settings but didn't see any option.
    Haven't tried it myself, but under "Calendar Settings" there's an option to Export all your calendars as zipped ical files. That should give a backup that could be imported again if necessary.
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    Thanks, Rob. I'll try it.

    Deleting and re-adding the account did succeed in pulling my entries in, save a few entries I made today under the "other account." I just hope I didn't lose anything yesterday that I'm not aware of....

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