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    Is there any way to display contacts which come from a particular account you sync to (like Google or Yahoo) instead of all contacts? (Sort of like the calendar app gives you the choice of "all calendars" or select an individual calendar).

    If not, is this something which could be accomplished with a patch, or is this beyond the reach of patching?

    Seems to me like it would be very handy for a lot of people (especially if they have a large number of contacts) to be able to view just the ones from Google, or just the ones from Facebook, etc.
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    Pretty sure it can't be done and there have been many patch requests. What I'm curious about is what it would take to do it (i.e. an upcoming API, or access to something that Palm probably wont open up - like the quicklaunch bar).

    Anyone know what it would take? Seems obvious given how synergy works, and how it works for calendar stuff....

    On a side note, have you ever linked contacts from two sources? I did before removing my FB account. It sort of showed the source of particular parts of a contact, if I remember correctly, like phone number from one source and email from another...

    I have all my important contacts well organized in outlook, so I turned it off so I didn't have FB stuff clogging up my contact data. Have you looked at that in terms of how contact info shows up where you have them in more than one source?

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