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    I am fed up with this Google Calendar sync with Sprint Palm Pre. I have three calendars linked in Google Calendar. My wife's calendar and mine are listed as under "My Calendars". My brother's calendar is listed under "Other calendars". If my brother CHANGES or DELETES an event that was currently entered in Google the Pre will NOT update it. No matter how many times I sync it. I use to be able to add an event on my Pre and then it would fix the changes, but now that doesn't even work. I am NOT going to accept the delete my google account on my pre and then re-add it.
    Does anyone else have this problem? Am I missing something? Is it a Google problem or a Pre problem. Who can fix it?
    Help please.
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    I have had this problem since day one, no fix seems to be coming, I've asked multiple times on a variety of forums and via palm tech support.

    I use the online google calendar, at least it's accurate. And bye-bye buggy webos pretty soon for me.
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    can you set up a couple of Yahoo calendar accounts to test this scenario? Instead of just blaming webOS (bsoder), it's possible that it's google calendar... I don't think there is anyone that would argue that google has the best calendar. Try some experiments with Yahoo. Even of you don't want to keep using them, it will help you isolate the problem.
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    I'm not blaming Webos, but when the whole cloud sync thing is my only option, it is frustrating that we have this problem. Other have complained about the same thing. I was very suprised that the PALM Pre didn't offer a sync to outlook (without the purchase of a 3rd party app). Since this is my only option, I think it should work. If I can't trust the app, it is no use to me. No benifit.

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