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    Searched, but really did not find anything to help on this question.

    I understand how backup works, but really want to move everything (including user data) to new Pre.

    I have the old Pre (cracked screen but works fine) and the recon replacement in hand. Is there any way to basically link them for data transfer?

    Old Pre has Preware installed and several patches. Trying to save myself the time of setting the whole thing up again.

    Thanks in advance for help.
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    ok, get Preware.

    In Preware is an app called "save/restore"

    Follow the directions it gives you to save/restore your applications and data.

    Remember to copy all of the files from the USB-drive portion of the phone to your PC...

    Then do it in reverse - use Preware and the app catalog to restore your apps, then use save/restore to recover the data for those apps...
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    It would be cool if there were a image creator that would create a single (up to) 16 GB file that was an exact copy of everything on your Pre (plus) . . .
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    I assume that this will be more possible as additional APIs are available so app developers can incorporate that into their apps...

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