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    Airplane mode turns of the phone part as well, correct? I'd want to keep my phone calls coming in, just not the emails (or, at least the email sounds).
    Just turn off Data when you sleep. Phone still works. You can find the data on/off switch in the phone app preferences. If you want, there is a patch that puts the data on/off on the device main menu. I turn off data all the time, when I want to save some battery juice but still need the dumb phone functionality.
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    It's a curse. I don't feel comfortable about a decision until I know every little detail about every little detail. I create spreadsheets and pros/cons lists, get active on forums like these (invaluable, by the way), etc..
    Absolutely nothing wrong with that. As a matter of fact, I suspect it would be a much more enjoyable "techno-world" if more people did that.

    I'm still convinced that the secret to "happiness" with technology is knowing capabilities and limitations, and making a decision based on that knowledge.
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