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    Had to get a new palm pre phone this weekend due to hardware issue. They (Verizon store) used my palm account to transfer info over to my new phone. First, I was under the impression that the "new palm service" would restore everything on my phone (that is not the case if you are wondering), but it gave me duplicate contacts. I used to have just Gmail and facebook contacts with no duplicates.

    Now I have Facebook, gmail and Palm profile with two entries for EVERY contact. How to I get rid of the duplicates?

    I should note that one of the entries has no info attached to it for each contact (other than the name).

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    Just scroll through, and whenever you see a duplicate click on the contact then again on the person's name. You will then have the option to "link more profiles". Link it to the duplicate entry and they will become as one
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    For every contact?! Is that the only option? Is there a way to login to my palm profile and manually delete (like a gmail account)? again, one entry has no data attached and the other entry is the one of use.

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