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    I have been having two problems with facebook.

    1. Notificatons stopped working. When it was in beta notification worked and I got a pop-up notifying me of activity. However right around the time it came out of beta this stopped working for me. I tried deleting the app and deleting the accounts within contacts, photos, calendar, email without success (still no notifications). But I never had to re-enter my facebook login info so I may have missed an account link on the Pre.

    2. Within the facebook app the news feed is filled with friends game requests/achievement for games I don't play and are blocked/hidden on my online news feed. This seems like a new problem to me as I don't recall the app previously showing hidden posts.

    I couldn't find these issues discussed in prior thread searches and wanted to know if others were having these problems or had found solutions.

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    1. I had this too so I removed official 1.2 and reinstalled beta 1.2... notifications are working again for me.

    2. Sorry, I don't have this issue. Stuff hidden on the normal website FB are also not there in the app for me.

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