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    Every since I received the lastest web OS from Palm my EAS account I can receive E-mails from my work Exchange accoutn but I can not reply to any. They just sit in my outbox and never send, no error or nothing.

    I have narrowed it down to more than one contact in the To:, Cc: & Bcc fields are the cause.

    I have contacted Palm level 3 support three times and they are looking into it.

    Any help or ideas would be much appreciated.

    BTW, I have already removed and re-added the Exchange account on my phone with no success.

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    I just discovered this yesterday much to my horror. Messages I thought had been sent never left my device! Yikes!

    Interesting note: when I forwarded the messages to myself so that I could resend them from my desktop, the forwarded message AND the original message left the outbox and were sent. Very weird.
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    By the way, I don't think it has to be multiple contacts. I sent a message from my handheld EAS account to another personal account, which got through fine. Then I replied to that message from the personal account. When I then tried to reply to the reply, it sat in my outbox. So multiple contacts wouldn't appear to be the culprit.

    Another possible factor: I applied the patch that cleans up the font and reply block in the original thread. That seems like it could be the explanation. I will remove the patch and report back....
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    I removed the patch, rebooted my phone and now my replies are getting through. Bummer. I really like the improved messaging format from the patch.
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    EAS email has so many problems... sigh... I finally set up an IMAP account, while leaving my EAS account active just for the sake of the calendar sync. The IMAP emails are formatted correctly, even though the EAS messages don't render HTML at all, and in many cases contain the raw HTML code.

    The problem is that, even though I've set up the EAS account to sync manually, it still syncs every time the phone is rebooted.
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    Turns out I had originally applied the Reply formatting patch meant only for Exchange 2007 and I'm connecting to a different version. Once I applied the "Replies Forwards Multi Mod" patch, all started working again with the benefit of the improved formatting. So I have myself to blame for not carefully regarding the release notes of the patch.

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