hey guys,

just want to post how is it that i am able to have my desktop to my pre synchronized for my calendar, email, and tasks.

First of all my third party email offers imap support just like gmail. I am not using gmail for my email nor microsoft exchange. My outlook is configured for my email using imap and my pre is configured to use the imap too. Because of this an email I open in my pre as read will also show as read on my desktop email. any email i flag also gets flagged. any email i delete is also deleted (well on desktop it has a line across). in order to be deleted you need to purge the emails.

for my work calendar to be sync i have a gmail account so i use the google calendar sync to sync my outlook calendar to google and then google syncs it to my pre. any appointment created on my pre gets sync to my outlook.

as for my tasks i use toodledo. you can download from preware. you will need toodledo outlook sync which will maintain your outlook tasks and pre (toodle do) tasks in sync. toodle do also sync your notes from outlook to the web. i dont see yet my notes (memos) on the pre but probably soon they will add this to toodledo.

that is how i keep my email, calendar, and task in sync to my pre without import or export or create a task or calendar on my pre and creating one outlook.

let me know what you guys thing about or if you guys have another way to do it.

by the way all of this is free. no need to pay.