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    I am currently using a Palm phone with Verizon Wireless Sync. This setup works very well for me as an Exchange Server is not an option for me. The Verizon Wireless Client syncs my desktop Over the Air to my Treo and vice versa. This includes email on my desktop, contacts, calendar, memos, and tasks. Does CompanionLink Pro act the same way? I understand there is a monthly fee and am willing to pay it if it does this.

    I have been ready for a new Pre for a long time, but need it as a day planner first and foremost. So, I have been reluctant to make any switch because the sync solution from Verizon is perfect for my needs. Based on my early research after the Pre Plus launch, I didn't think anything would do this for me, but now I'm wondering if CL Pro will do this?? In researching it on their website, it looks like they offer a wireless sync service.

    I understand all the benefits of the cloud and even tried google sync on a test run. I kept getting sync errors and it bogged down my desktop so I decided not to pursue that. Again, other than the phone itself, I really like my current setup. And the phone is not that bad, just very old technology.

    I'm hoping Clcto (impressed that he is hanging around) or someone else can provide some insight on how they are similar/different. Thanks!
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    If you use companionlink you will have basically the same functionality. Also Pocket Mirror.
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    Go Gamecocks, thanks for noticing. But it's a nice day out so I won't hang long.

    CL Pro has a different type of wireless that is not related to Palm Pre and Palm webOS. Basically that technology is a proprietary system that precedes the current generation of phones.

    The key to success with Google is to make sure your data is fast and light. Keep your calendar down to the current time period. Keep your contact list simple and concise.

    I hope this information helps!
    Palm Pre uses ActiveSync, and can get data from Google using that system.

    Treo 700p also used ActiveSync. Is Verizon Wireless Sync just a branded version of ActiveSync? If you liked this, you can probably use Google Sync and Palm Pre without needing any 3rd party product at all.
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    how can I save my contact list internally so its not in the clouds?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tungsten C View Post
    how can I save my contact list internally so its not in the clouds?
    Your contact list is always on your phone. If you want to sync to a PC (which is what I do) you need a third party product like CompanionLink or Pocket Mirror.

    There is a lot of good info here on those options:

    You should also visit the websites for both companies ( and Companionlink also offers a service that is similar to what you are using, but I think it has a monthly fee associated with it.

    I find I always have my laptop with me, so the VZ synch used in older phones didn't work for me. I use Pocket Mirror via WiFi or BlueTooth several times a day to stay synced. I'm also sitting in front of outlook on a PC most of the time, so that is where i do most add/change/delete... The phone is for reminding me and viewing when not in front of my PC.

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