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    I purchased and used both Chapura Echo and CompanionLink USB.

    I liked the Task and Memo apps best in Echo, but Echo required that I "upgrade" to Palm Desktop version 6. I used that version for a little over a month and hated it so I switched back the PD ver 4... aaaahhhh ver. 4 is awesome.

    Anyway, CompanionLink didnt care what version of PD I was using so I switched to that. I don;t think the Memo and Task app are as good as Echo's (especially the Task app) but I am hoping that they will make some upgrades soon.

    Hi Eric,

    I've got a question about Echo. I'm using a Pre with webOS v which has a great "universal find" feature (I guess it's akin to v 2.0's "Just Type") and it will 'find' information in Calendar and Contacts without having to open them but won't find information in CompanionLink's Memos and Tasks unless they're open. From what you're saying, Echo has its own Memos and Tasks. If so, will I be able to 'find' information in Echo's Memos and Tasks without having to open Echo?

    While I prefer to sync via USB, I'm setup to do wireless syncing too. Thanks, Eric!

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