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    I tried to add an email address from my website but the Pre wouldn't allow me because the website has an outdated security certificate. I assume that there's no way around this?
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    can you create a new wildcard cert? Can you turn of security?
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    you need to add the site's certs to your phone. I think webos will let you use an expired cert, but it won't let you use a cert that doesn't match the mail server's name (ie, a cert for won't work for

    to import:
    launcher menu->list apps
    app list menu->certificate manager

    if you are managing your own certs with openssl, I can help when I'm in front of a real computer and not just my phone.
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    Thanks guys, I haven't had time to mess with this any further but i'll see what I can do and get back to you with a result.

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