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    So, I received my new replacement Pre Plus today, and I re-synced my email accounts, my hotmail, yahoo, and my work email. I have them set up, except now, I don't have an "All Inboxes" option, even though I do have it selected in the Preferences. Is there anyway to get that back on? Not a HUGE deal, just curious why it didn't set up right away. I should note, I didn't have to go in and set up the emails all over again, my Palm Profile of course saved all that info, all I had to do was just sign back into the accounts after powering on the new Pre. Thanks for any help!
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    what version of webos are you using? Is it the same as the previous phone?
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    It's Oddly enough I just checked my email and the 'all inboxes' option showed up. Really odd. Oh well, glad it figured itself out.

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