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    I have a domain on GoDaddy and I can retrieve and send emails. Unfortunately it will not sync any email I send from my Pre Plus thus the only record is on my Pre. When I send an email from my gmail or yahoo account I receive a full sync including items sent from Pre Plus show up in those accounts online.

    Can synergy do a full sync with GoDaddy including sent items?
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    I used GoDaddy's email client with my Pre (about a year ago anyway) and it synced everything fully just like it does with Yahoo and Gmail accounts. I later decided to switch to Yahoo and not use GoDaddy at all by having all of the email's sent to the GoDaddy address go straight to Yahoo. I did this because GoDaddy limits storage space, which is easily filled up if used often. I now send emails from my Yahoo account when on my computer but it shows up as my GoDaddy email name (i.e. "") even though your using Yahoo. However, when responding from the pre it just shows the Yahoo email name. Does that make sense?

    However, when I was using GoDaddy's email client, everything synced up fine: it showed all of my folders, allowed me to move things, etc. It was a full sync. I dont remember how I set it up but I think it has to do with IMAP rather than POP settings. GoDaddy's support team is very helpful, I would recommend calling them (or emailing / messaging them).

    Good luck.
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    So GoDaddy can setup an IMAP acct for me. Thanks I will give them a call!
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    i second setting up a gmail/yahoo account to forward all your emails. i have a godaddy email account as well. 100 mb limit!

    the pre should sync, but it does not have the option for push email.
    >sign into your godaddy account.
    >manage email accounts.
    >send a copy of all emails to yahoo/google account.

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