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    1 palm pro on 2 pre's.
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    my understanding is NO. I base this on when I have exchanged my pre (4 times now) when I logged into my profile with the new phone it asked me some question that the sales rep explained to me as meaning that it's one active phone per profile. That's what I have been told
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    wasn't sure, I've never replaced/doctored my phone,
    was hoping my wife and i could just use one profile and not have to downloaded every single thing twice, and pay for it twice. lol.
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    The answer is definetly no. This is one of the reasons why webOS is great Every app you download, every email every contact every account everything that is on your palm pre is stored into your palm profile. Say you loose/break/melt your palm pre, all you have to do is get a new one (or pray that you remembered to put on Sprints insurance) and when you receive your new palm pre, enter your existing palm profile and there ya go your palm pre is just like your old one that you forgot was on the toaster oven >.>

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