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    I recently activated my Pre after spending a few months on Android with the Hero. I synced my facebook and all of the friends are now in my contacts. That wouldn't be so bad but it won't let me delete them. Android has a great feature where you can choose to only sync facebook contacts that are already a contact in your phone, that is what I want. I don't need a 100 contacts that I will never call.
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    you have to delete them on facebook. The phone is just holding a copy. Try that. Then open the contacts app and click on re-sync.
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    That sucks. I guess I will just have to unsync it. I don't want to have to delete them off of facebook, I want them on there. I just don't want them in my contacts on my phone. On Android it's nice since it gives you there updates and it sync's there updated picture for the caller ID.
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    it should work the same on the Pre. Maybe I am not understanding the q. Lets see who else chimes in. Uour reply confuses me.
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    He wants only google/exchange contacts to be synchornized with facebook.
    For example, I have only 50 google contacts (with phone number) but about 250 facebook friends ! I don't want all these contacts in my phonebook, but only those with phone number or matching with google/exchange contacts!
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    I had the exact same question when I first got my pre. Someone informed that I should just use the global search when finding a contact... so I just do that now.

    I WISH, however, that it worked the way you're explaining like it does on WinMo an Android. For those of us with a lot of FBook contacts it makes the contacts directory nearly useless. I recently got rid of it on my bottom bar and put the weather in it's place.
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    There has been a nice idea out for a while (I'm sorry, I don't remember who had it.)

    Create a new contact called "Facebook Friends" or whatever and link all the contacts you do not want to show up in your list to that account - it might take some time depending on how many of those you have, but it definitley cleans up the contactlist and leaves only the ones you really want.

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