I have a domain I use for my family's email (everyone is name(at)domain(dot)com). My office recently upgraded its Internet security and I'm no longer able access personal email through webmail. When I asked what the problem was I was told that my domain host uses a non-standard port which is now blocked. I went a couple of weeks just checking email on the Pre while at work but that's not the same as on a computer. When I got my Pre I created a Gmail account since I couldn't sync contacts with my personal email and until now, that's about all I have used it for. Since I could access Gmail at work, I added a forward to my personal email from my domain's control panel which forwards a copy to Gmail and keeps a copy in my personal email. After doing this I got an email and, as I expected, I got two notifications on my phone since the same email got delivered to both accounts. Quite unexpectedly, I only received one notification for the rest of the emails I got while I was logged into Gmail that day. And that seems to be the pattern I've observed over the last week: If I am not logged into Gmail, I get two phone notifications for every email received. When I am logged in I get two notifications for the first email received then only one (even though the all inboxes line shows two unread emails).

I'm not sure why notifications are happening this way. I'm not complaining but I do think its a little strange. Its good that I'm not getting double notifications for everything all the time. I guess I was hoping that someone could explain a way to eliminate double notifications whether or not I'm logged into Gmail. Is anyone else using a similar setup with similar results?