CompanionLink has released updated software that fully supports Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 x64 and x32 versions.

CompanionLink has two products for Palm Pre/Pixi:

CompanionLink for Google
synchronizes Outlook and Palm Desktop, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks to Google, which then synchronize to the Pre. Tasks are synchronized as Calendar items on the Pre.

CompanionLink USB synchronizes Outlook and Palm Desktop, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes directly to Palm Pre/Pixi using the USB Cable. Tasks and Notes are supported using the CL USB Sync App as Palm Pre Tasks don't match Outlook and Palm Desktop standard.

If you've already purchased any CompanionLink product, the Outlook 2010 update is free. When you upgrade to Outlook just download an update to the software from our website.

For purchase all CompanionLink products for Outlook and Palm Desktop Sync for Pre/Pixi are $39.95. Lotus Notes, ACT!, Groupwise are supported for $49.95. You can buy one copy and use it for home and work provided the contact and calendar lists are for one person. Free telephone technical support is included.

Wayland Bruns, CTO
CompanionLink Software, Inc.