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    I currently have a Centro with hotsync capacity. Is it possible to "upgrade" to web os or does the phone have to coem with OS? Also, if I buy a Pre, can my current phone be updated to OS from Activesync?? Need to know.
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    Hotsync is a function related to the PalmOS. WebOS devices don't use that technology at all; they're not really meant to sync to a desktop PC. There are a few third party apps that handle syncing a webOS device and a PC, but the most that Palm supports is a little app that transfers your notes, contacts, and a few other items (forgot what, really, I did this in November) to a webOS phone. From there on, you're meant to use the phone's online services (so Calendar entries go into a Google, Yahoo, or Exchange calendar, notes get backed up to Palm's servers, contacts use the Synergy feature, etc).

    Your webOS phone will not sync with the Palm Desktop you have installed from using the Centro.

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