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    Wife just got the palm pre. She has Comcast for email, When we set it up on the phone it pulled down 455 emails to the inbox.
    The question is , How is that possible since she had just checked her email with Windows 7 on her computer ? I even went to and logged into her email ,, that inbox only had 47 emails ... Nothing in the spam,sent, del, boxes ....

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    The email that you receive sits on the email server till it is deleted. The deletion may not be right away unless you have your mail settings set to do that. So depending on how long the server keeps email you will have more than what you see in you desktop pc or a web based email client. You can adjust the setting to delete as you want. You can also adjust your PRE settings for how many days of email it displays. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks rfceo , I was able to change settings @ and change the setting on her Palm to "display for one day" ..

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