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    I cannot get my sync with google calendar to work

    1. it takes minutes to show the entries from my master google calendar
    2. the changes that are made on the google calendar dont get to the pre (or at least not quickly)
    3. Any changes i make on the pre dont make it back to google
    4. A second google calendar i have doesnt show at all on the pre


    on web os - on sprint
    have established google as my prime cal on the pre
    the google calendar shows up as does the second calendar in the "view options" with colors assigned to both
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    but bump this is a problem for me
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    Is it a new phone that you are trying to sync? If it is then it usually takes an hour or so for everything to load in there. I really like the google calendar thing. I use the offline version and everything. Just be patient and sync your phone with your gmail and it should work.
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    Not a new phone - just really frustrasted with a marginal calendar function in an otherwise great smart phone
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    Still having the same issue! Very frustrated. If a change is made to an event in Google the Pre is not updated. Even if Sync accounts. Why is there is there no fix for this? This is a basic function. If the Pre can't get appointments correct, who cares about cool apps and the other bells and whistles.
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    So, if I add an event on my Pre in Google, any events that were changed or edited get updated to the correct info. I just can't hit sync and have them theme get updated. Weird.

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