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    Hi everyone,

    Long time reader, occasional poster. I'm having an issue with calendar events via my synced Exchange server account at work, and I'm hoping you folks can help me out.

    Here's the problem: a week or two ago, I noticed that all-day events from Exchange that showed me as Out of Office were showing up in the Pre Calendar app as really long timed events. For example, an event that should run all day from Thursday to Saturday was instead showing as running from Thursday at 12:00 AM to Sunday at 12:00 PM. I adjusted the affected events in my Pre calendar so that they displayed as all-day events for the correct duration.

    However, when I returned to work and opened Outlook, I found that those same events were showing my availability as Free instead of Out of Office. I adjusted the events so that they showed me as Out of Office. However, that just changed them back to really long timed events on my Pre. And so it goes: change the events on my Pre, they don't display correctly in Outlook. Change the events in Outlook, they don't display correctly on my Pre.

    I did a quick and dirty search both of these forums and of Google (and, via Google, Palm's official forums), but couldn't find any posts that mentioned a similar issue. My apologies if I missed something.

    So my questions to the group are these: has anyone else experienced a similar issue? And does anyone know how I might fix this? I'm hoping we can find an answer here, but if not my next steps are to talk to our local tech or to contact Bell or Palm customer support.

    Technical information: I am running WebOS 1.4.1 on a Palm Pre on the Bell Canada network. I have 31 patches installed on my Pre, including three calendar patches: Default to Month View, New Event Icons and Shortcuts, and Wrap Location Field. Our SysAdmin also recently upgraded Exchange at our work, which required me to install a new Security Certificate on my phone (we use self-signed certificates) and uninstall and reinstall my Exchange account.

    Please post here or PM me if you have any questions. I remain very grateful for all the useful advice and support I have received from these forums. Thanks in advance and have a great day everyone.
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