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    Does anyone know what happened to POP email this weekend? I have a Sprint Pre and it quit working. I've tried to delete the account, restart the phone, and put it back in. But, have had no luck. Any ideas?? It's my work account and I need these emails up and running.
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    Try deleting the acct on your Pre, then going to your email client and change your password. After changing password, set up your acct on your Pre again and this may fix it. I have a Yahoo account and had this problem and found a post saying that the above fix was suggested by Yahoo. It worked like a dream for has worked flawlessly since.
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    Well, I went to one of our IT guys this morning and we looked at the settings. I pushed the sign in button and nothing, same error. We talked about it for a few minutes and I pushed it again, and BAM! It started working again!!! Thanks to all for the suggestions.

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