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    May be stupid questions, but where the heck do I put music files? Do I create a MUSIC folder in USB mode? Is there a folder already there so that the music player can find it? Is there any way to actually sync music or is it just drag/drop?
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    You can put music ANYWHERE in Pre that is accesssible in USB mode. Pre will find them, and know they are music files. You can create folders for your own organizational set up, but the pre wont see folders, just music files

    As for syncing, thats another story. There are a few apps out there that some have had good luck with. For now, iTunes will not.

    the apps mentioned that some have had succes with are

    Media Monkey
    Double Twist
    Song bird

    Personally I have not had much luck with any of those, but others have.

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    If you use itunes 9.0.1, you should be good to go. Also, as stated before, just drag and drop your mp3's to any place on your USB side of your Pre. You can create a music folder if you'd like (just for organization's sake) but it's not necessary.
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    Another quick question: What formats will the OEM player play? It doesn't seem to recognize FLAC.

    Curious- it looks like WMP is trying to sync! It recognized the Pre and is showing me what's on it, correctly.
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    It plays mp3
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    It plays mp3
    Not wma?

    Oh. This is cool. WMP is organizing all of the files. Putting all the songs in folders by artist.
    Unfortunately, it's putting on a lot of stuff that I didn't want there- but that's alright, I'll just have to create some playlists and delete some of it.

    Very nice.
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    I now have a bunch of music on there.
    I went into the Help section to find out how to create a playlist... but I keep getting a yellow triangle with a message that it "Failed to load the requested page." It says that on all the Help subjects.
    Can someone enlighten me?
    After a little reading and experimenting... WMP does sync the music, but the playlists aren't recognized. Oh well. I did find the Remix app, but adding all those songs in one at a time is going to be a PITA. I can't believe there is no client/pc software for organizing the songs. It seems ridiculous that Palm would put in an app that will show a playlist, but not give you any simple way to create one.
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