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    I have reported this to Palm support, and searched these forums for this... I'm hoping someone else has seen this and knows the answer (Hardbeatz, this should be easy for you).

    I let someone else log in to their facebook account on my Pre+. It instantly put all of her contacts into my contacts list (more than 500). Not what I wanted. So, I deleted that account in the Facebook app, in the address book app, and everywhere else I could find a reference to it. All of her contacts were auto-magically deleted from my contact app. However, when I "synch" my Palm profile, that e-mail address continues to show up, and returns the error that it is using an invalid password (thank goodness it didn't remember it".) So every time I sych my profile, I get that error.

    Coincidentally, I got a replacement Pre+ a few days later. So, I activated the phone and it continues to show that e-mail address when I go through the "first run" process. I've run OS Doctor, twice. I've done the reset/full erase, twice.

    Every time I "synch" my contacts with my Palm Profile, I get that "incorrect password" for the other person's facebook account. Really? Where is that little bit of info hiding?

    It isn't on my palm profile page, not in my facebook client, not in my address book....

    I spent a couple of hours chatting with a VERY knowledgable person at Palm support. He opened a ticket because he couldn't solve it. He opened a ticket and escalated it.

    Has anyone seen this? I can't imagine having that e-mail address show up randomly and generate errors when I synch just because I let someone log in to facebook on my phone.

    And by the way, how can I prevent that from happening? Is it unreasonable that someone should be able to use my phone to check their facebook?

    And how do I add a question mark to the title of this post?

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    I figured it might be stored on your Palm Profile by logging in via your PC, but it's not. Seems very odd. I guess in the future you should get your friends to log into facebook via the browser.

    Here is what I would do:

    1) Make sure the Facebook account is not referenced in Contacts
    2) Make sure the Facebook account is not referenced in Calendar
    3) Make sure the Facebook account is not referenced in Email
    4) Delete the facebook app from your device
    5) Open the Backup utility and turn backups OFF (therefore deleting the remote backup file)
    6) Reinstall Facebook
    7) Run the backup utility and turn backups ON

    Maybe throw a hard reboot in as well, just to be safe.

    Worth a try eh?
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    Great idea. Unfortunately it didn't work. Still getting that error. Am I really the only person that has ever had someone else check facebook on their Pre?
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    Hold down the orange or white key when you select the profile you want to delete. The phone will present you with an orange bar to delete or a gray bar to cancel.
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    I found that Photos also keep Facebook account.
    Don't forget to delete it from Photos Preferences
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    @neosubway I didn't know phots had preferences and kept account information learned something new today. Thanks!

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