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    Ok so I've been having problems with preware trying to get my default theme back. (Still haven't resolved my issue)

    I used to have sync audio button above these two as shown in the picture. I read in another thread that you could enable the button again through "device info" that option I cannot find in that application..

    I did use the erase everything before to try and fix my THEME problem but that just didn't do anything helpful and now I have no Audio sync button which is lame.

    Please if someone could help, I've only had the phone for a day and a half and I get this... :/

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    Go to device info then preferences then enable media sync and the option will come back
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    Oh, wow. Thank you sir.

    And I just used Web Doctor to resolve my other issue.

    (Staying away for themes until things are fixed)

    Mods you can lock this thread Thanks
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    No need to post thanks there is a button for that (not being rude or anything just for future reference)

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