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    So he's my issue

    I sync with google mail, so i try and delete from the inbox but it never deletes off the server and it always in the (all mail) folder, So I pretty much have to always go into the All Mail folder to delete anything for good,

    I hate this ALL MAIL folder.

    I'm guessing everything in a way is in the all mail folder and kinda copies/taged into different folders, is this right?

    I want to be able to completed delete something from the inbox, then go into the deleted folder and empty it.

    Any help is grateful.
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    The default WebOS behaviour is to send messages to Deleted Items when they are swiped off the screen. Many people have purposefully changed their settings so that when they swipe an item it sends it to All Mail - are you sure you didn't do this ages ago and then forgot?

    If you want to swipe-to-delete into your trash folder, try doing this:

    1) Open the Email App
    2) Bring up the Menu
    3) Select Preferences & Accounts
    4) Select your Email account
    5) Scroll down to the "Default Folders" area
    6) Make sure that the blue TRASH row is set to [Google Mail]/Bin

    Good luck,
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    Hey, I've looked into it more. I don't think this is a Palm problem. When I'm on my desk top it does it well in google mail. So I will keep searching google for the answer.

    I really wish palm had there own email and calenders and all that on the web. Maybe one day

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