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    I have google sync'd in the calendar app, and things are updating back and forth fine. However, I have some "other" caledars in google (birthdays, holidays, and 2 sports teams) and on my pre only birthdays and holidays show up, and when i select to only show birthdays or holidays it does not show any events in the day, week, or month view. But when i click on a day like today (the 15th) it has tax day across the top (one of the holiday events)

    Anyone have similar thing happen? Are 'other calendars' not completely sync'able? I could just go through google and add them to 'my calendar' and they all show up on my pre, but thats not the point of synergy.
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    all mine sync, chech the preferences in the calendar app on your pre and make sure the other calendars are enabled, also sometimes it takes 24 hours for some things to sync to the pre....
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    Holidays and contacts birthdays show up in mine, but my pre is not showing any other interesting calendars (sports teams) and it is now not showing any recurring events. That is troublesome!!! Any fixes out there?
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    my sports schedules never appeared, but I just hope its because the next events are football and not for another few months. only time will tell

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