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    I wondered whether the synergy API is open to developpers and whether there are other providers for synergy. Only Google and Facebook (Exchange for companies) is not a rather big choice, is it?
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    especially for contacts and calendar
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    Yahoo, AOL Instant Messenger, and Linked In are all also included in synergy (at least on my sprint pre anyway). I agree it would be nice for more to be included, but I can't think of any other large scale providers that have been left out with the exception of Microsoft.
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    Quote Originally Posted by banoggy2008 View Post
    but I can't think of any other large scale providers that have been left out
    Large scale in the USA, perhaps. But there's the Rest of the World out there.
    • StudiVZ is a rather popular Facebook-clone in Germany, much more than FB itself. (There'S already a nice WebOs App)
    • LDAP is another popular directory service in enterprises to store users data. Not all enterprises use Microsoft Exchange.
    • There are a lot of other IM-chat systems which are highly popular in other parts of the world (ICQ in east-Europa, MSN in west-Europa, etc.) - by luck most of them have already libpurple plugins for Pidgin, so porting them to Pre's infrastructure is probably a low hanging fruit.

    and probably other regions have their own popular variant (Hi5, Beebo, etc.).

    I understand that Palm might not have the resources to write Synergy plug-ins for every single Web 2.0 site that is popular in some remote part of the world but it would be good if the synergy API was open, so 3rd parties could write their own plug-in.

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