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    I keep CONSTANTLY having to unlock my gmail account on my phone...or having to re-enter my password. Is anyone else having this problem or know a solution? It doesn't do it with my hotmail account ever.

    I have to go to a web page and type in my password and a secret phrase from the picture kind of thing and then my Gmail account will work again for a while (maybe a day) and it will do it again. I don't seem to have this problem on an actual computer and never had this problem with my last phone...its driving me nuts lol

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    Try this and see if it helps with the issue...

    • Sign into your Gmail account on your computer
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for a line saying "Last account activity" and click the "Details" link
    • Click on "Sign out all other sessions"
    • Restart Luna on your Pre
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    Ok, just did it..i'll see what it does over the next day or so to see if that helped
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    Let us know if it solved the issue so others can learn, or know to try something else
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    FYI this only works for a little soon as you reset your phone/pull the battery it pops back up with "please unlock your gmail" notification when WebOS restarts...

    sigh....this goes up their with the f'in failure of GPS of huge annoyances
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    im not sure if this is the same issue i had before, since it happened with a centro. but try to unlock it from here
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    Try changing your gmail password to a more difficult password - that is what worked for me when I had the same issue.
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    I had the same problem. The only solve for me was to delete and reentry the Google-Account.
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    I'm having the same issue here, thought I was the only one. I'll give those suggestions a try...
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    I have the same issues, except when I reenter my password it tells me I have the wrong password, but then I go to the mobile gmail site and I use the same pass and it logs in. Kinda confusing but okay.

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