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    I have a Sprint Palm Pre updated to and I cannot get my Google Gmail Contacts to sync.

    I added my account to the mail app, which added it to messaging, calendar, and contacts. I am able to see my email no problem.

    However none of my contacts are in the contacts app. I have tried a manual sync, and a reboot.

    I then added a Google Apps account and it synced every contact for that account. It seems that the differences are that one is a real email account where I do have some contacts in groups, and the other that does sync is a Google Apps account with no groups in the contacts.

    I'm so confused as to why one would sync and not the other.
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    I'm having the same issue. May be related to the latest update. What I've tried: uninstalling and reinstalling my Gmail account over and over again. Uninstalling and reinstalling my Gmail chat accounts multiple times. Made certain that Gmail account is default account on Pre. Checked Gmail settings multiple times to make certain everything is enabled. What use is a phone without contacts??!! sigh I've spent two days on this! PLEASE HELP!

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