So I got a Palm Pre Plus a couple of weeks ago. I have 3 IMAP email accounts, 2 of which are through Gmail, the other is a private email server. The problem is on all three accounts when they are set to receive emails "as items arrive." If I read an email on my Pre, it marks it as read on the server and everything is working fine. If I read it on my computer, my Pre never shows that the email is read unless I tap the icon to manually sync the account.

If I open the inbox, it shows the balls going in circles on the upper right-I assume this means it is syncing. I can tap the Inbox bar at the top and it shows that it was updated at the present time, but the emails are still marked as unread. I can let it sit overnight and the emails are never marked as read. If I change the account to receive every 5 minutes, then it marks the emails as read at the 5 minute interval. Is this behavior for "As items arrive" normal?

I've tried deleting the accounts, doing a full erase of the phone, and so far no luck. WiFi vs. 3G doesn't seem to make a difference either.