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    I have repeatedly been having problems with CompanionLink for Google. The most frustrating problem is that events are being duplicated, once, twice, etc.

    Has anyone used Google Calendar Sync with Microsoft Outlook?? Would I be well advised to use the Google software to sync my Outlook and Google calendars, and use the CompanionLink just to sync my contacts? [I am under the impression that Google Calendar Sync does not sync contacts]

    Would the Google sync software interfere with the sync between Pre and Google calendar?

    Any ideas?

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    Do you need two way sync? I use CL Google Sync, and I had issues with duplicates until I turned on one-way sync to Google only.
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    Sputnikle, If you don't mind, we'd love a chance to trace down the source of duplicates for the Calendar. If you send me an email to I'll give you (and anyone else) a fast track to CompanionLink's technical support.

    Also - be sure you have downloaded an update for CompanionLink for Google from our website. Google has been pushing a changed URL to their customers over recent months, and we adjusted our software around November to handle the change. The updates area is here: Product Updates

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    I use the Google calendar sync (2 way) and have no problems between Outlook 2007 & Pre+

    - but am impressed that CompanionLink folks are hanging out here
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    When you used Google Sync with Outlook 2007 (2-way sync), is your Palm Pre the only Palm Pre that syncs with your gmail calendar?

    I'm wondering if my problem is that my husband and I both use the same gmail calendar. If I make an entry on my Pre, it shows up on his Pre too -- so no problem there. Any change made on my or his Pre shows up on the gmail calendar.

    Our joint gmail calendar is then sync'd to my PC Outlook 2007 via CompanionLink as well as sync'd to his Outlook 2007 via CompanionLink (we each own a copy of CompanionLink). That's when the duplication and date changes start to occur. Every time the Outlook-to-sync occurs, one or more events duplicate or change dates.

    Any ideas anyone? The Pre promotes "sharing of calendars" but that's not really happening in our case. Am I trying to achieve something that is just not electronically possible?

    This is a diagram of my situation:

    My Pre
    My Outlook <---> gmail <---> His Outlook
    His Pre

    Has anyone achieved this arrangement? What software are you using?

    [sorry for the long email; I'm just getting frustrated. Today I noticed my daughter's birthday event has been duplicated 10 times....]
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    I go both ways (oops!) with CL for Google to sync: Outlook 2007-->Google-->Pre and vice versa. I had a problem once, but, as you can see, CL tech support is very responsive and helpful. I'm betting they can resolve your problem.

    The times that I've done things like upgraded Outlook, changed phones, or set up sync and ended up with duplicates, ODIR helped fix things: Outlook Duplicate Items Remover

    My only gripe is that I cannot sync my Tasks and Notes from Outlook etc., but I guess that's because Google is not playing nice.
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    PocketMirror does a good job with Tasks & Notes
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    Is Outlook a must? My company uses Outlook but since I'm in the IT department I've got a little wiggle room. I switched to Thunderbird and it's got addons that will sync your calendars and your contacts.
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    Google Calendar Sync does indeed sync contacts as well as calendars for me on both the Palm Pre+ and multiple computers. I looked at CL as well and found that it causes dublicates, triplicates, etc. just like Google Calendar so I use the freeware from Google and physically remove duplicates. But the info on ODIR I will give that a try.

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