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    Very frustrated with the magic cloud and my contacts. Right before I ran WebOS Doctor I did a manual back up! I did my thing with WebOS Doctor, signed into all my accounts and Wham....Only 13 contacts!. Called Sprint, no use. They transfered me to Palm. 4 phone calls and 4 Partial later, still no contacts. Give me a good old fashioned Outlook sync. Guess I'm buying Pocket Mirror. The whole reason I ran WebOS doctor was because I was having Wifi problems. Still no Wifi and no contacts. But I do have a NEW phone on the way. Went to the Sprint store and they ordered me a new phone and it is being delivered straight to the house.
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    did you sign in to your profile already? in your contacts preference pane, did you have another place where you have contacts, its usually google and yahoo...

    did you sign in them too?

    what was your default account? do you remember what you set as your default? the new contacts go there.
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    The default was Palm Profile. I signed into Google. No Luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mpagano View Post
    The default was Palm Profile. I signed into Google. No Luck.
    of course your contacts will not show... you signed into google... sign into your palm profile.... if your contacts didnt show after that... it is palm's fault. call them and complain... this happened to my brother, palm accidentally deleted his profile/contacts... he gave him a touchstone as a compensation.

    we both use google as our default now...

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