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    I set up my corporate email account on my phone today through exchange and it appears to be working well as far as getting email notifications and sending/receiving emails. However, if I get a notification and read the message in Outlook on my computer, it does not clear the notification on the phone. Is this supposed to be working with the Pre?
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    Does anyone know if the read/unread status syncs when using Exchange? I just need to know if that's supposed to work or not or if it's an issue with my particular Exchange server. Thanks!
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    I'm not sure about Exchange servers, but I use a couple of Gmail accounts and I think I have the same problem. For me, when the Pre is set to receive "As Items Arrive", it never marks them as read unless I do a manual sync (getting new mail doesn't seem to do it either). If I change it to 5 minutes, then it marks them as read when it checks the server for new mail. I think it should work for "As Items Arrive", but I'm not sure-I'm pretty sure it used to work intermittently. So far I haven't found a solution. I guess 5 minutes isn't a big deal for receiving mail, but I'd like it to work. For what it's worth, I use Outlook as well, and Gmail shows the mail as read.
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    Yeah I have my Gmail set to receive "As Items Arrive" and the read/unread status updates just fine. I will change the Exchange account to update every 5 minutes and see if that works for me. Thanks for the info!

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