Just tweeted about this, but it's an issue that I think needs greater circulation than the people who follow me there.

This has been bugging me since launch, and with baseball season starting again soon, has been made more obvious again.

When there's an event in your Google calendar (maybe others) that gets updated on the server, but the time and date don't change, the event name and details don't change.

An example of this is seen at What bugged me most about my @palm Pre calendar at launch, an... on Twitpic

In the top example, the description has a ton more information available that wasn't there when the Pre first synced that event, so the details aren't changing.

In the bottom example, there's changed details and changed event name, and neither is reflected on the Pre. This event is in the past, so I can almost understand why this wouldn't update. However, at past jobs I've had meetings where a summary of the actual meeting was added to the description after it took place, and so there is an actual use for this other than just baseball scores.

For the same reason, if you add weather to your Google Calendar, a feature that we saw demoed a few times before release, it'll download the forecast for the next few days on that first day. However, by the time it gets to the last day listed, that could be entirely wrong, because it hasn't been updated since the initial download.

It's not anything that's going to keep me from using my Pre, but it's definitely a slight annoyance for me. Not nearly as bad as when my Pre conspires to make me deaf (wearing headphones, if an alert comes in while the music is between tracks, alert plays at full volume- and worse doesn't obey vibrate setting w/ headphones since 1.4), but still an issue nonetheless.