ok so bear with me here...

last night I noticed as my friend was calling, she had a contact photo.
I thought this was strange since all the photos I had of her were gone with the last pre I lost.

furthermore, this is a photo I'd never seen so when I asked her about, she told me it was her default myspace picture.

the strange thing is, I haven't used myspace in I don't know how long!

the only explanation I can think of is that years ago, I associated my myspace account with my cell number and she probably has as well.

I've only noticed this after the update I installed on friday.

perhaps palm has started developing the foundation for myspace synergy and it leaked through on my phone randomly?
it's not a far-fetched idea when you consider in the early days of webOS this would occur with yahoo IM support to some.

if I'm allowed further conjecture, this seems like it would be an interesting ploy for further marketshare among the tween/teen crowd (especially with the pixi).

webOS is one of the few platforms to still lack an official myspace integration and/or app (no matter how archaic the service seems now).

anyways, just wanted to put that out there.
anyone else who's forgotten to delete their myspace experiencing some oddities?