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    I love the Palm Pre Plus. I have only one issue so far, that the inbox notification of how many emails there are, seems to "stick" and not reset after emails are read, especially if you also check the emails outside of the phone. The number keeps increasing over time. The only solution I have found is to delete the account (its happening with AOL) and then reinstall it every few days- which is an annoying solution, but it at least purges out the amount of emails in the notification. Has any one else found this? Is there a better solution? Any help appreciated. Thanks.
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    I did a bit of searching in the forums on this. The majority of what I saw looked like they had AOL accounts.

    From my reading I would suggest the following.
    1) Log into AOL and make sure all messages are marked as read (select all, then mark as read).
    2) Go into the Pre email application and hit the refresh button in the lower right of the screen.
    3) Change how far back the Pre looks for emails. Open the Pre email application, touch in the top left corner and select preferences & accounts, select youe email account, scroll down the screen to the sync area and change the number of days to one month.
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    Thanks for the quick response. I tried to:

    Take all the aol inbox messages and mark as read (cleared out both inboxes on the computer and then on the phone)
    Refreshed the page
    Change the setting to one month (even tried all)

    It still has a notification that emails are there - only on the notification bar. I should have added on the original post that when you scroll over the bar, it does show the correct amount that is in the inbox. It is just the contstant notification that that has the wrong number.. and the number grows (randomly) over time, until I delete the account and reinstall.

    So, I tried. Any further suggestions about be appreciated.

    PS- Still voting for the Palm Pre though. Everyone should!
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    I was really hoping that would work. I'll do some additional digging and see if I can find anything else.

    Do you have any patches, themes, or home brew apps installed? I have not seen anyone reporting notification issues due to these, but it never hurts to ask.

    Do you have any paid apps that are email or message related?

    What version of WebOS is installed on your phone?

    As much as I love the forums and DIY problem solving, you can try calling Palm support and see if they have a fix.
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    1.4.11 update killed the sync (marked as read) on email.

    it's not you, it's Palm
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    Quote Originally Posted by trim81 View Post
    1.4.11 update killed the sync (marked as read) on email.

    it's not you, it's Palm
    Can you give more info on this? i have and my sync is just fine on email.
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    My email count is fine. I have discovered that if I delete emails from my AOL account on the desktop, they will remain in the message count on my Pre until I empty my deleted items on AOL.
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    I was so excited yesterday, to post that all of a sudden, my email notification reset and was perfect. I did not know why or how, but it was working with the correct notification in the top right-hand corner of the email inbox notification.

    Today, I had the same problem as usual, after I read my email on the computer, it still showed as being counted in the notification. Then, taking the advice from above (thank you - all of you!) I went and deleted out my recently deleted emails.... and then I went and viewed my deleted items.. and within minutes, the email reset to the correct amount again.!

    I guess the problem is aol- and the solution is deleting out the recently deleted items folder, to cause a reset of the notification number.

    If I did not love my new palm pre plus before, the ease of finding a solution through this forum has only helped me love it more. Thanks for all the help and advice. Hopefully, someone else having this issue will read this and find the answers, too.
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    Just an update to my last post, another correction to bring your inbox number notification on AOL current... you have to simply have all of your email "read" before you delete it. I used to go through and hit "delete" and then the messages went into recently deleted mail, but were still showing on the Palm Pre in the AOL inbox as unread (even though they were moved out of the inbox). So if you simply read the mail before deleting, the inbox notification stays correct.
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    This is old, but on my aol account i noticed it would sometimes say 1 or 2 emails when they were all read. I did find out that when you delete emails, if you log into and check the recently deleted folder and empty that, they go away. Its like you can delete a message without reading it, but it keeps it in the recently deleted folder as new, and the webos doesnt know this.

    Still after months no way to get the sent items from my pre to appear on the aol side in the sent folder.

    I did notice that the Pre creates a Sent and Trash folder on I have deleted the emails, but the pre recreates them. Must be a forwarding/location issue that may not get resolved unless palm fixes it, rather than aol I guess.

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