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    HI GUYS,

    Just wanna let everyone know that after my webos update from sprint when I use my pre as usb drive and if you open windows media player (i use windows seven) you now see an option to sync music to your pre. i love it instead of copying and pasting to ur pre everytime you want to copy music. i also saw option of videos, pictures and stuff. have not tried the pics yet. still testing.

    i love my pre. it keeps getting better and better.

    way to go Palm.

    i dont know if anyone had posted this yet but here you go.

    let me know if you had been able to do this or if its new to you guys too.
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    real player has the option for syncing with pre too. Music and videos... This phone is amazing
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    Don't know if it did it before, but it sure does now. Thanks!
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    Nice, I'll have to try tonight.

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    It did it before. I synced up the first day I got it and still do so
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    all i ever used since i got the phone in august to sync music is wmp
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    I have not been able to until webos

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