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    as you all know, we can see our gmail contacts on the contacts app. gtalk for instant messaging. google calendar on the calendar app. gmail on the email app. how about a patch or for google calendar tasks to the tasks app. if there is such a patch please let me know or what about palm doing this for the next release of webos. what do you guys think?
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    Yeah, this issue was brought up around the launch and then other issues kinda took centre stage, but I'm glad you brought it up again. Palm said that it would be impossible to sync tasks, but I have no idea why and yes it would be great if someone wrote a gmail tasks app. I mean, can it be that hard? And I would do it myself if I could. Who knows, maybe when I finally get time to do some programming, I will.

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    According to Companionlink (and they should know), the problem is that Google hasn't released the Google Tasks API. So, nobody can write software to sync with them.
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