Last week a new sync engine was released that is supposed to work with pretty much any phone since the iPhone and GroupWise systems. Before anyone starts pressuring their IT departments to get this up and running, be aware that this is a pre-beta release that was only released due to pressure by customers, it is pretty buggy at this time, and requires special hardware (64-bit Linux) to run.

Is anyone else out there working on getting this running and interested in comparing notes? My #1 priority is to get my Pre syncing, then expanding it to other mobiles.

So far for bugs/issues that I'm seeing are the following:

Syncing is very slow. There is a "conditioning" period for the sync engine to gather what needs to be synced and it takes a while to send everything to the mobile. I'm still waiting after almost 12 hours. On the flip side, all email folders do appear to sync.

When sending email, the "From" blank appears empty on the other side, so the recipient can't reply or see who the message is from. Also, the messages that are being sent are appearing in my inbox before being sent to the final recipient.