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    I've spent some time searching for this issue on the forums and can't find anything so I'm making this post.

    I've had this glitch where my Facebook calendar syncs to my Palm calendar, but two hours behind. I had this issue with 1.3.5, and with 1.4. I was holding out for it to be remedied after 1.4, but nothing. Now, as 1.4.1 is on the verge of launching, and 1.1.3 for Facebook, I've not seen any reports of this issue, so I'm writing hoping that maybe someone knows a fix.

    Just to clarify, I am in CST. The list of events that sync with my Palm calendar show the event information (name of event, where it's at, the start and end times, etc), but the actual event shows up two hours late, as if I'm on PST. Any ideas or fixes?

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    I'm in the same boat, except a little worse... my FB events are 3 hours behind because I am on the East Coast near DC... it is VERY annoying... but only the FB events have this problem...
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    glad to hear I'm not the only one
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    Do your events have a location set in them? I'm having the same problem with this. It is a small issue since I don't have many Facebook events. I just tried setting the location, but re-synching has not changed the event time. I'll keep an eye on it and repost if I notice a change.

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    This issue has been reported on quite a bit in these forms and others, including Palm's FAQ section. What the issue seems to be is the way FB handles events. They do not attach a timezone to their events, rather, when a user accesses FB, the timezone of that computer becomes the timezone the events are shown in. When FB exports their event info, it goes to Palm's computer systems in CA. So, if you are not in PST, your events will be the difference between your timezone and PST. I live in Philly (EST) and my FB events are consistently 3 hrs off.

    Whether the fault is on th side of FB or Palm, it's annoying!
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    A small workaround is to add your FB calendar to Google calendar (if you use google).

    Steps are as follows:
    • In Facebook, go to your EVENTS page.
    • At the top of that page click EXPORT EVENTS

    • You'll get a pop up window with a URL, copy it.

    • In Google Cal, on the bottom left you'll see ‘Other Calendars' and below that a link to ADD. Click ADD
    • One of the new options you'll be presented with is ADD BY URL, select that
    • Paste the URL from Facebook where it asks for it.

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