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    New to a Pre Plus from a 700p for about one week. I downloaded CompanionLink and tried a USB sync and it did not transfer all contacts and no calendar at all. I am now trying OTA with Google. I have successfully transferred contact and calendar into my Google account. How do I get rid of the contacts I have now on the phone and then sync OTA with Google?
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    First off, welcome to PreCentral and the webOS world. It's great here!

    I have never used CompanionLink, so I can't comment there. Are all your contacts also in Outlook, maybe? If so, you can export them from Outlook in a .csv file and import that into Google, which will in turn sync OTA to your Pre. That's what I did.

    I don't know of a way to take the contacts you have in your Palm Profile and push them into Google. If Palm would be helpful, they'd open up the Palm Profile to its users so we can import/export contacts as we wish. As of right now there's no way to manage your Palm profile in any way.
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    If you want to delete the contacts stored in your palm profile, you have to do it one by one. Open the contact, then click the left drop down menu and 'delete'.

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