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    Since version 1.4.0 I have been getting a lot of notifications that my Gmail account is locked. I then have to go to the web version of Gmail, input my password and a difficult to read captcha to unlock the account.

    Before 1.4.0, I got a lot of notifications to re-enter my password in the Gmail account on the phone, but never the locked notification.

    Is something different with Gmail or with the Pre?
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    As far as I am aware, nothing has changed.

    How often do you have it set to "Sync - Get Email" ... I would recommend "As items arrive" because, I do believe that if you ping (get the emails) from Google Mail too much, it might cause this due to "suspicious activity" ... Also, make sure that the password is correct on the pre.
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    My Gmail account is set to sync "as items arrive" and the password is correct on the Pre.
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    I've used gmail on my Pre since the beginning. Once I established the account, I've never had to re-enter the password and I've never received the locked notification.

    Do you have any apps or patches that relate to email? Maybe that could be the problem.
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    I have the same issues with my gmail acct. Before 1.4 I would always have t re enter my password alot and nw after 1.4 I receive your gmail acct is locked. Actually this morn I received the re enter ur password. Password is correct and I do not have any pattches insalled what so ever. I've removed the acct and added acct again but still same issues. I have my gmail set to manual
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    I have this happening too! Only after 1.4 has it been saying it's locked, prior I had the yellow caution notif saying re enter password etc..

    I heard it has to do with password security (try changing your pass), not sure though, haven't seen it in 2 weeks but it does happen alot since 1.4 ...glad I'm not the only one,

    also I usually have to go to the link and unlock it for it not to come back for awhile, have gmail set to as arrives ..

    I will say this though 1.4 fixed my email arriving in low signal areas, before I never got it at all
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    Try using this ---> Gmail Accounts Captcha Unlock <---

    Gmail hiccups now and then. I had to use this on one or two of my gmail mail accounts when I set them up before they worked correctly even though I could log on to the website just fine.
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    The Accounts Captcha Unlock is what we are discussing. I am having to do this frequently since 1.4 . I never had to before 1.4, though I did have to re-enter my password into the Gmail account on the Pre frequently.

    The "re-enter password" problem seems to be associated with changing from WiFi to Sprint data and/or back. At least, it seems to happen when I have moved or switched data access methods.

    I don't know what is causing the captcha unlock problem. The captcha unlock is particularly irritating because the way the letters are distorted, it is sometimes impossible to distinguish what the letters are (e.g.: is that an "h" or is it an "ln"?).
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    Try this... scroll down to the bottom of your gmail page (on your computer) and look for "Last Account Activity" and click 'Details'. Then click the button marked "Sign out all other sessions".

    Luna restart on the Pre, and then try using gmail.
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    I noticed there is a hiccup if your using 2 gmail accts especially on you computer (like other family members siging on there accts) bc the catpcha thing sometimes refers to my gfs account even though she never usues it on my phone which is synced only to my gmail acct

    maybe the above will help sign out all other sessions causing the confusion

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