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    So I want my palm and my outlook to be identical, and I have found that google is a good medium. I already have my google account set up with my palm and changes that I make to either are in both places.

    I see google has software to sync with outlook, I haven't tried it yet but being google is pretty reliable, lets just say it works. (Looking at a 2 way sync).

    With these two steps I think I could easily accomplish my goals, but I want more. (Isn't that why we all bought the pre in the first place? Functional isn't just enough for us, we want perfection.)

    Anyways, what I'm looking at is for my google calendar to also reflect information from my palm. Really the category I'm aiming at here is the movies calendar that is created by flixter. Why can't this be added to my google calendar and then my outlook calendar too? It seems silly that I can have my entire agenda sitting in front of me but could still miss something. Also being able to separate things more would be cool too.

    If anyone has done this or maybe even just has an idea on how to do it I would love to hear it.

    (I have tried palm to outlook sync over wifi and bluetooth before but it failed, also I don't mind the data traveling over the internet because it isn't extremely confidential and using google also leaves the option open to checking it online when I don't have my laptop or palm with me.)
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    Just an update on this, I installed google calendar sync and while it doesn't claim to support windows 7, it does. Works great and google is now good to go with outlook, now just looking if I can get my other calendars on my pre to be on my gmail.

    Thanks to all

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