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    I tapped my phone's email icon and got a grey screen. Email was working yesterday, not today. Went into my phone's email settings and there is no default account - it was there yesterday. I tried to add a default account and it won't add. Doesn't matter if I try my gmail or comcast account, it just sits at "signing in".

    I've shut down the phone, removed/replaced battery - no change.

    I can access my email accounts form my computer with no problem. I can access the email via the internet connection on my phone with no problem. Any ideas as to what is going on?

    Thank you.
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    Your email program would appear to be pretty hosed on your phone. I have not had that happen and I don't know anyone who has, either. I can't offer any help but this: if you have exhausted all ways to troubleshoot it, consider using webOS Doctor on your phone.
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    On second thought, maybe you could look at this:
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    ok found this thread via search..

    SAME ISSUE! Started late last week...

    When you pull up the email app, it shows only a white screen with the 'new email' icon in the lower corner. You can type a new email but not send. No folders shown, nada..

    Go to accounts, no accounts listed (had a hotmail & a gmail on there) If you try to add an account it just sits at "signing in" and you get to watch that infuriating spinning circle forever... I'm not a heavy email user on my Pre, but sure was nice when it worked!

    No patches, nothing weird on my phone as I'm still figuring it out. Not even any beta apps yet! It's only like 35 days old.. (just after the 30day return, thanks..)

    any ideas here?
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    Oy veh! What a trip I've had with this issue. I've been on the phone with both Sprint and Palm tech support so often and for so long. . .I almost tossed the phone and my contract with Sprint. There are a lot of good tech people out there and then there are those who should just stay home.

    I'll spare you all of the frustration and tell you how it's been resolved on my two phones (me and my partner have had the same problem) so far. Then again, it hasn't been a full week yet so who knows if this fix is long lasting.

    I was told I must have downloaded some kind of third party program that is interfering with my device (of course). So I was told to run WebOS Doctor which brought my phone back to factory default settings. That was 3/29. It's now 3/31 and I still have my mail.

    If you decide to go this route, make sure you perform a backup on your phone and you sync your contacts if you use something other than the Palm profile.

    Side note: A Palm tech told me today to set my google account (I keep my contacts in my gmail contacts) as my phone's default account under contacts>preferences & accounts. Apparently, when you run a "sync" for your contacts, it's only syncing your google/yahoo/whatever you use account. It doesn't sync your palm profile. For that, you need to run a backup. I only found this piece out after another Palm tech had me set my phone back to factory defaults and didn't have me do a backup. Lost all of the phone numbers stored on my phone .

    Anyway, if you need me to walk you through the process, let me know - I'll be more than happy to help. I don't wish my last 5 days on anyone!
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    Don't know what the issue was exactly, but teh update to this morning magically fixed it!

    Whoo Hoo! I have email again.

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