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    I like having the calendar so I can check on appts during the day but I don't like the reminders going off all the time (and at midnight for all day appointments). It's frustrating because even events that are set for no notification are still popping up.

    All i can see in preferences is how you'd like to receive reminders (vibrate, mute, etc). There's no "none" option though.
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    when you set the appointment up make sure you select none for the reminder
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    I'm already doing that for some and they still pop up. I don't want to have all of them set to none though because I want the pop ups at my work PC. Just not on the Pre.
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    That's a tough one. I believe if you've turned off the reminder for an event on the Pre, it's off on your PC too. This is because you're essentially working off the same file. Can't have an event go both ways.

    What I don't get is if you have "No Reminder" set on a given event, why it's still popping up. I have anywhere between 2 and 12 events happening per day, on my Exchange calendar, and unless the reminder is specifically checked (usually by a separate user who's invited me to an event), it doesn't pop up.
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    I don't understand. Mute is the same as None. Doesn't that work for you?

    Or is sound not the issue? Is the problem that they turn the screen on? If that is the case, I can only suggest covering the Pre at night.
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    It looks like the issue where I'm getting notifications when the reminder is set to none may be a problem on our Exchange server side...some co-workers are saying they're getting them on their PCs as well.

    What I was hoping for though is a setting like the way I have my email set up. I have notifications turned off for all my email accounts so I don't get nagged all day. I can quickly go into email if I need to see if something came through though.

    I typically have 10-20 appointments on my work calendar each day so it's a bit tedious to wade through all the appt reminders when I want to quickly check something on my Palm. It's not a huge deal in the end. I just thought I was missing a setting.

    Thanks for your help guys!

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