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    when i recieve a notification from gmail , sometimes the mail icon is the Gmail symbol (envelope with red G ) .. and sometime it is just a white envelope looking just like my regular outlook mail account.

    just curious , if anyone knows why sometimes the red icon pops up and sometime the normal.
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    My guess is Gmail is your primary account the others arent.
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    I never get a red G envelope on my Pre, and I have two Gmail accounts on it.
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    my Gmail is primary and is a red bordered enveloped, but there is no G in it either now that I really looked..

    My other accounts are plain envelopes.
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    sorry if i was not clear.

    these are concerning email sent to the same account. sometimes to this same account i get the regular mail envelope and sometimes a red gmail envelope.

    any ideas why different icons for emails sent to the same account?
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    ^On my phone at least (I have 3 Gmail accounts), if there is unread mail in only one account, then I get the typical Gmail red envelope in the notification area. If there is unread mail in more than one account, then it shows the plain white envelope.

    And if I see the red envelope, then clicking on that envelope (NOT on the message header text) takes me straight to that Inbox. If I see the white envelope (which indicates messages waiting in more than account) then tapping the envelope image takes me to the main mail screen where I can select which inbox I want to go into.

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