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    I have had 4 accounts set up in my PRE for the last 7 months with no issues.
    1 Exchange, 1 Yahoo and 2 Live Accounts.

    Woke up this morning, clicked on the Email icon and NOTHING. All of my accounts are gone!?

    My contacts are still sinking with my Exchange Account, the settings are there, but the email settings are all blank.

    Nothing else has changed in the phone, just the email accts are gone.

    When I try to manually add the accounts again and input all of the necessary settings and click "Sign In", the PRE keeps showing the "Signing In....." message forever and nothing gets updated.

    Very frustrating. Any Suggestions???

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    Have you tried rebooting your phone? (Hold down Opt + Sym + R simultaneously) WebOS 1.4 has a memory leak in it somewhere and the symptoms that appear when it gets low on RAM are many and varied...
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