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    Ok, so I have a BB Tour that I sync with Outlook. I plan on migrating to a Pre next week and I've been looking at getting my data on there. I initially planned on using the Data Transfer Assistant, but it says it's faster to just do the import to Google on a computer if you have over 500 contacts (which I do, but not much more). So I was gonna do it all on the computer and let the synergy do it's thing, but the downside to this is it wouldn't import the tasks or memos in using that method.

    The tasks aren't a huge deal since I'll make a separate Google Calendar for that since the Pre app can't do tasks due for a certain time, but the memos is kind-of a big deal. I'm fine with using the built-in Memo's app (I think... haven't tried it extensively), but the issue is getting the data in there if I don't use the DTA.

    I've also considered just copying & pasting the memos into Evernote and using that, but I've heard that it can be flaky and it requires an internet connection, and I'd rather not have that dependency.

    Any suggestions?
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    Chapura Pocket Mirror. It's expensive but does exactly what you want and has worked for me flawlessly since it became available.

    Good luck and good choice, going from the BB to the Pre is like traveling forward in time. Makes the BB look ancient after you've used the Pre.

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    I've been using the Google method - I was nervous at first, but it has worked out for me. I connected my Google Calendar/contacts with Outlook, and now they update each other if I make changes anywhere (including on my Pre).
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I looked at Chapura but that price is up there.

    Is there any way to run the DTA and selectively tell it what to import, or does it automatically do everything?
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    You are right to just import your contacts into Google. Export them as a .csv file and import them into Google. Easy. The tasks and notes are not easy, as Google does not have a good setup for that. Might have to do it manually. If you want to continue syncing with Outlook, you can use Chapura PocketMirror, but it won't sync subfolders. You can download a trial of CompanionLink to get your calender into Google. That works good. It will put your memos there too, but puts them in the contacts with an "M" in front of them.
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    Chapura is what I utilize for business. Does what it is supposed to do, although it is a feature that should have been included for all Pre's. Also a tad bit on the expensive side, but when its for business, ya gotta have it!
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    I don't need to continue syncing with Outlook; I'm fine with using Google. I'm looking for a reliable way to get the data there in the first place. I have recurring appointments and all that and I've read different things about how Google handles that. Does exporting to a CSV or using the assistant have any affect on the actual data that's imported?
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    Ok so lemme ask this: Can I run the DTA but tell it what to migrate? Like only calendar information or only memos?
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    Duh I figured it out. I just ran the assistant to see. So I'll export my data to Google and transfer the memos using the DTA. Thanks for the help!
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    Whoa, Whoa, Whoa...I am moving from a blackberry to a pre in a couple weeks as well. Does the Pre not sync with an Outlook account? I was under the impression that it did. My IT guy said it did.

    What do I have to do to move my outlook calender and contacts to the Pre? Follow the comments above? Thanks

    Sorry in advance for the basic questions
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    If you have Exchange ActiveSync set-up at you company you should be able to simply type in a few fields and be synchronized with all the Exchange data -- mail, calendar and contacts for sure. I sync with Exchange for mail and calendar and it works flawlessly. I don't keep my contacts in Outlook, but I'm pretty sure that that works fine as well.

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